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2020 improvements!

OK, so this is not a ride recap, but we are super excited to talk about the improvements we have made for the 2020 season.

While it may have seemed that we had everything dialed for 2019, it was our first year running the events. Between Ben and Boyd, we have decades of experience in attending events, but not organizing them. However, we consider 2019 to have been an overwhelming success. There are things we could have done better, and we addressed those for 2020!

There will likely be things we find in 2020 that we'll improve upon for the 2021 series!

The two biggest requests we had from 2019 was posting the results right away and also people wanted T-shirts. Well, the T-shirt was an easy one to solve, and for 2020 anybody who registers more than two weeks before the event will receive a sweet Southeast Gravel T-shirt for free. If you are one of those who waits til the last minute to register, we'll have T-shirts available for sale on-site at the event for only $10

In terms of results, last year we were using a custom built (by Boyd) cloud based registration and results software. We needed a solution that would let somebody enter numbers remotely and have it uploaded to a spreadsheet. The delay in posting results was because there was a LOT of copying and pasting rider info and placing the numbers in certain categories. By the time we got home, it was usually the middle of the next day before we could post results correctly.

New for 2020, we are still using a cloud based results, but it's been improved greatly! We will have two people with tablets at the finish line. The moment you cross the finish line, your result will be posted on our website for both overall and for your category. You won't even need to wait for a printout, you can access your results right from your phone!

As soon as the results are finalized, they will be uploaded to our year-long series standings. See where you sit in your category for the whole series, and earn prizes for participation in all 5 events.

Premium cycling clothing company Giordana has graciously provided us with awesome "series leader" jerseys for the longer distance categories.

We've received a great deal or prizes from lots of companies including Boyd Cycling, Hutchinson, Thomson, Musette and more! There's a really good chance that you'll walk away with some awesome swag!

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