Please read this for the tryon Gravel gallop

It’s almost July, and we should be getting ready to read stories about the Tour this year and who from Sky will win yet again. . .yawn


But we are Southeast Gravel, so we’re more into real riding, no radios, no team tactics, no yellow. . . wait, we do have a pretty sweet yellow jersey from Giordana for the series leaders. Speaking of those leader’s jerseys, we are thrilled that you will get to show them off on July 11th in Tryon, NC!


We are really excited to get back to racing! Actually, we’re really excited to have any type of riding that does not revolve around being on a computer or trying to climb the same climb a thousand times in a day.

We are on for The Tryon Gravel Gallop on July 11th and we couldn't be more excited to see all of you. We will, however, have a few changes to make sure it's a safe and fun event for everyone. 


Here are the precautions we will be taking due to COVID-19 to ensure proper “social distancing”. 


-We are relying on the fact that we are all mature grown adults that can make responsible decisions. DON’T make us regret this! If you are feeling sick or have a fever, please do not show up. We will transfer your entry to a future event. Also, anybody showing up playing Nickleback or Coldplay in their car will also be asked to leave.

-We will be splitting the race into two waves. The 100K wave will go first and then 10 minutes later the 50K start. We encourage anyone that’s not concerned with making the “front group” to hang back and socially distance yourself at the start. Once we blow the whistle, you can start at any time during the next 10 minutes. The race starts uphill almost immediately, so we are confident this will force separation quickly. 

-We will be requiring face masks during any group gatherings during the event especially around the post-event food. If you have a face mask please bring it. If you forget yours, or don’t own one, we will have them on hand at registration. Please keep these for afterwards to wear for food service (more on that later!)

- Rest stops will be set up a little differently. Water and NUUN will be served from one of our volunteers via a pitcher. The riders won’t touch the water coolers. When you approach the food the volunteers will serve you. Unscrew your bottle and it will be filled for you. No hands contact FTW!

- We will have six foot spacing between riders at our Giordana podium. Our podium is already built so if you got 2nd or 3rd you have to stand 4 feet away from the podium and point at your respective placing.

- In regards to the food serving, we will have an entrance and an exit to the area where food will be served. ALL food will be served by a volunteer. To enter the food service you must go through a hand sanitizing station and be wearing a mask (dirty socks don’t work as a mask). We will provide a mask if you need. Once you get your food you will exit the food service area. If you earned seconds of food on your ride, then you must go through the sanitizing station again to re-enter.

-We are very fortunate to have the use of Harmon Field in Tryon, NC. That being said, it’s a field. If you enjoy standing and eating. . .sweet! If you like to sit down and put a hot plate of pork on your lap, then we encourage you to bring a folding camping chair. They are about 7 dollars and you should always have one. We will have tent cover in case of inclement weather (July 11th in Tryon the thunderstorm should start about 4:37P.M.)


We have a new start and finish location this year, we will NOT be starting and finishing in downtown Tryon, we will be Harmon field. 117 Harmon Field Road, Tryon, NC 28782

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